Save money and serve your clients.


Average catering event lasts: 6 hours
Food held in the danger zone must be thrown out after 4 hours

80% of caterers focus on off-site catering
The average size of a catering event is 100-250 people

“I love your Cateraide IT food pan carriers because they hold 6 shallow pans whereas comparable carriers hold only 5 shallow pans. In a tiny business like mine, every little advantage helps! These carriers are also great because one person can easily lift and stack them!”
– Alice Johnson, Alice's Chocolates


Move supplies Faster
Save Time & Money with efficient & long lasting carts.

“We use Fold ’N Go Carts within our kitchen & cafe and to deliver items to other departments or meeting rooms for catered meetings. Of course, space is a premium, so we often fold them when not in use.”
– Amy Miller, Sauk Prairie Healthcare


Dietary Restrictions are becoming more prevalent. Having an organized and efficient prep station reduces Cross-Contamination
Products with multiple uses make prep areas less cluttered and more efficient


Know Your Audience

  • Corporate catering is growing by 43%
  • Wedding catering is growing by 36%
  • Be sure your displayware matches your event

Plan for Success

  • 43% of catered events are served via buffet
  • 22% of catered meals are plated
  • Your food’s presentation should be adaptable to multiple applications


The rise of social media is putting more importance on how food is presented and displayed with apps like Instagram, Pinterest and Yelp.


As the catering industry grows, more focus is being put on beautiful displays and the presentation of food to elevate diners’ experiences.

Caterers who go the extra mile in their presentation are more likely to get repeat business from their customers.