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We Know Cleaning and Safety

Reducing Overhead and Labor Costs

CFS Brands is here to help you meet today’s challenges and to support you as you strive for new levels of success. Whether you are in the foodservice, healthcare, or sanitation and hygiene industry, it is vital to keep both consumers and associates healthy and safe.

Post-pandemic hygiene protocols and heightened cleanliness standards are here to stay, so it is paramount that you create and sustain a robust culture of cleaning and safety. Make it easy for end-users to see that you are leading the way to higher levels of cleanliness by trading up to new, improved, and color-coded jan san products and industry leading washroom solutions.

In this series, “CFS Brands Knows Cleaning and Safety,” we will provide tips and tools to help your operation run smoothly, more profitably, and in alignment with consumers’ elevated expectations. We are CFS Brands … your partner in grime.




  • Foodservice Strategies for Cleaning and Safety
  • Healthcare Strategies for Cleaning and Safety
  • Sanitation & Hygiene Strategies for Cleaning and Safety

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