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Sparta® Spectrum® Cutting Board Brushes

Spectrum® represents an innovative concept for HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points) Programs and FDA guidelines on foodservice hygiene and product safety. The Spectrum line of cleaning brushes helps reduce the risk of cross contamination and ensures proper sanitation.

  • Spectrum brushes are color coded so that employees can segregate brushes by task or work zone
  • Available in six colors to help facilitate HACCP zone identification: • Blue – seafood • Green – produce • Red – raw meats • Tan – cooked meat • White – dairy • Yellow – poultry
  • Segregating brushes and cutting boards helps to prevent cross-contamination at the source of food preparation.
  • Ergonomically shaped handles and crimped stapleset polyester bristles are rugged and will not absorb food oils or moisture
  • Perfect for cleaning cutting boards, counter tops, and other flat kitchen surfaces
  • Colors: 40521 available in White blocks with Blue(14), Green(09), Red(05), Tan(25), White(02), or Yellow(04) bristles; 41342(00) includes one each of the colors listed above