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Sanitizing Surfaces | Scientists report that the Coronavirus can remain stable for hours or even days on surfaces. It's imperative that we develop best practices in cleaning and sanitizing and make these a longstanding priority.

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Sani Station™

Quickly and thoroughly clean and sanitize utensils between uses. Minimize the risk of cross-contamination and provide employees with continuous access to clean and sanitary utensils. Prevent Biofilm growth and kill bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Staph Aureus. Prevent cross-contact of allergens like peanut, gluten, and lactose. Provide sanitary storage.

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Sani Station™ Hard Surface Cleaning Kit

Hard surface cleaning & sanitizing without the hassle of missing or extra steps. This 2-in-1 cleaner/sanitizer solution (no other products needed) is FDA, EPA, & NSF D2 approved.

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Grips and bristles are designed to work in the most comfortable position and provide the most efficient cleaning. Put an emphasis on keeping your space clean.

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Washroom Dispensing

Keep your customers hands clean and sanitized with hands-free dispensing tools. Our wide inventory of bathroom dispensing products ensures we have the right fit for any business need.

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Floor Care

Stop the spread of conaminants and germs on your businesses' floors with our floor care solutions. From brooms to mops we have everything you need to ensure your floors are immaculate. 

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Micro Fiber Wipes

Our Micro Fiber Terry Cloth wipes are perfect for general sanitation. A multi-purpose tool that helps the sanitation professional keep any space clean. 

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Waste Handling

From trash cans to janitorial carts our waste handling inventory helps you keep your space is orderly and sanitized. Remove waste with quality waste handling products. 

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Kleen Pails

Kleen–Pail® meets HACCP guidelines as dedicated-use, labeled containers for cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Color-coding helps minimize any potential confusion between cleaning and sanitizing solution containers and meets HACCP guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing cloths. 

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