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The goal of a demonstration is to convince the customer to buy Dinex product and close the sales. A demonstration needs to be conducted by Dinex sales representative at the facillity and is limited to 1 week duration on site. An extended demonstration exceeding one week at one facility will be invoiced to the sales representation group.
Special Notes / Requirements of our demonstration program:
1. We require 2-week advance notice to process your demonstration request. 
2. Demos will be limited to 1 week duration on site.
3. Check demo cart availability prior to submitting request.
4. All demo availability questions and requests should be sent to
5. Please allow up to 3-4 days for demo to ship and another 3-4 days for arrival to facility upon receipt of request.
6. The form below must be filled out completely or will not be submitted. 
7. Please note tray size needed for all cart requests.