Carlisle FoodService and Sanitary Maintenance Products offers Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to customers who require a timely and accurate order workflow, an accelerated fulfillment process, and benefit from an effective supply-chain. Carlisle has the capability of automatically entering EDI orders into our order management system and transmitting electronic order documents and invoices.

Benefits using EDI with Carlisle:

Speed — Implementing EDI order management with Carlisle means orders can be processed in minutes, not hours. Faster processing time means prompt order acknowledgement and validation, priority access to inventory and expedited fulfillment. Enabling EDI means reduced time between order placement and delivery.

Accuracy — Automated order entry virtually eliminates delays and costly rework caused by human error during the ordering process. Increased order accuracy shortens fulfillment time by reducing the need for price checks or reshipments due to mis-keyed information, ensuring the order is on time and complete the first time.

Efficiency — Time spent tracking order status, resolving order issues, waiting for confirmations or reconciling invoices is time wasted. EDI can save time, money amd increase efficiency by vastly reducing the time spent in these areas. EDI lets your staff concentrate on growing your business, not worrying about yesterday's orders.

Carlisle supports the following EDI transaction types:

Purchase Orders (850) — Ensure that your order is received as quickly and accurately as possible.

Order Acknowledgments (855) — Confirm that Carlisle has received your order without error.

Advance Shipment Notices (856) — Know when your product has shipped and get detailed tracking information.

Invoices (810) — Reduce time spent keying and reconciling invoices.

Price & Sales Catalog (832) — Ensure that you always have the must up-to-date product pricing, availability and information to avoid costly mistakes.

We will partner with your team, in an effort to provide you improved efficiency in your processes and, ultimately, higher overall profitability.

Thank you for your consideration, as well as your continued partnership.

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