Color Coding and HACCP

Exceptional food safety starts with staff! Instituting safe practices and following guidelines protects both customers and employees and provides a safe, comfortable dining experience. Explore our products below and utilize them in restaurants, long term care facilities, hospitals and other locations that serve food! | Download This Simple Food Safety Guide for More Information

Allergen Management is a huge aspect of food safety. "The Big 8" are the most common food allergens with the most severe reactions. | Download to Learn More About The Big 8 Food Allergens

Allergen Saf-T-Zone™ System

Turn to an all-in-one system to prepare food safely! The Allergen Saf-T-Zone system contains a purple cutting board, tongs, a turner and a chef’s knife. Look out for your guests by making meals a safe, enjoyable experience for them. | Learn More About Allergen Saf-T-Zone™ System

Purple Solid Measure Miser® with Short Handle

Make measuring for allergy-friendly food a breeze with the purple measure miser! This plastic tool features a purple color that fits with the rest of the allergen-safe line. Serve up consistent portions of ingredients while avoiding contact with allergens like fish, peanuts, milk and more! | Learn More About Purple Solid Measure Miser® with Short Handle

Purple Carlisle Squares™ Food Storage Container

Eliminate the risk of food allergy reactions by storing food in Carlisle Squares food storage containers. These polycarbonate containers are clear in color with easy-to-see purple markings, making it an ideal option for allergen-free food storage. | Learn More About Purple Carlisle Squares™ Food Storage Container

Allergen Saf-T-Zone™ Cutting Boards

Chop, dice and slice while avoiding allergens with the Saf-T-Zone cutting board. The cutting board features a purple color that indicates allergen-free contact. | Learn More About Allergen Saf-T-Zone™ Cutting Boards

Sparta® Cutting Board Brush

Give cutting boards a scrub with the Sparta cutting board brush! This molded plastic brush offers bundles of colorful bristles that you can coordinate with the color of your cutting board. Avoid cross-contamination and facilitate deep cleaning! | Learn More About Sparta® Cutting Board Brush

Saf-T-Grip® Cutting Boards

When cutting and prepping food, utilize specific colors of Saf-T-Grip cutting boards! These cutting boards feature the choice of bright colors and corner safety grips and with a safety hook for sanitary storage and transportation. Avoid cross-contamination by devoting each color to meat, bread, vegetables, fruit and more. | Learn More About Saf-T-Grip Cutting Boards

Comfort Curve™ Tote Boxes

Expand your facility's food storage solutions with Comfort Curve tote boxes! Each quality box features a selection of colors that can be dedicated to specific groups of food like meat, seafood, bread, vegetables and fruit! | Learn More About Comfort Curve Tote Boxes

StorPlus™ Color-Coded Food Storage Boxes & Lids

Make food storage easy with StorPlus color-coded food storage boxes and lids. These polycarbonate boxes feature assorted colors for devoting to specific foods, along with fitted lids. Separate and prep food with ease to avoid cross contamination! | Learn More About StorPlus™ Color-Coded Food Storage Boxes & Lids