Facility Cleaning

Exceptional food safety starts with staff! Instituting safe practices and following guidelines protects both customers and employees and provides a safe, comfortable dining experience. Explore our products below and utilize them in restaurants, long term care facilities, hospitals and other locations that serve food! | Download This Simple Food Safety Guide for More Information

STOP and make safety a priority by using the S.L.I.P.S. method. | Download this Stop SLIPS Infographic For More Information



Bronco™ Waste Containers & Lids

Perhaps one of the most versatile items your facility could have, the Bronco™ waste container features a high volume that will hold pounds upon pounds of garbage. It’s not just for trash—you can even use it for food storage, as it is NSF 2 certified. Pair it with a dolly and a lid of your choice to tailor your cleaning program with excellence! | Learn More About Bronco™ Waste Containers & Lids

Commercial Mop Bucket with Side-Press Wringer – 26 Quart

Cover extensive surface area with this commercial bucket with side-press wringer. The bucket features a large interior capacity that will hold gallons of mopping solution, plain water or sanitizer. The side-wringer easily removes excess water from mops, making it an ideal option for any facility’s cleaning department. | Learn More About Commercial Mop Bucket with Side-Press Wringer – 26 Quart

Duo-Pan™ Upright Dust Pan & Broom

Make cleaning a simple, easy task with the Duo-Pan™ upright dustpan and broom! This set features an upright dustpan with a locking yoke that easily removes excess debris from the included broom. | Learn More About Duo-Pan™ Upright Dust Pan & Broom

L-Tipped Fryer High Heat Brush

It’s time to clean those fryers! The L-tipped fryer high heat brush is perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach places in your fryers. Each brush features stiff bristles for a deep, consistent clean. | Learn More About L-Tipped Fryer High Heat Brush