CFS Brands - Staff Hygiene and Protection

Exceptional food safety starts with staff! Instituting safe practices and following guidelines protects both customers and employees and provides a safe, comfortable dining experience. Explore our products below and utilize them in restaurants, long term care facilities, hospitals and other locations that serve food! | Download This Simple Food Safety Guide for More Information

Educate your staff on the correct ways to clean, sanitize and disinfect! It's crucial to clean and sanitize all surfaces before prepping and handling food to ensure a hygienic dining experience for guests. | Download to Learn More About Understanding Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Proper hand hygiene, when completed correctly, stops the spread of viruses and foodborne pathogens. Station this flyer by your hand wash sink to train employees on hygienic hand washing techniques | Download to Learn More About Hand Washing 101

Non-Contact FDA Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Measure body temperatures in a flash with our non-contact forehead thermometer. It utilizes infrared technology to measure temperatures without contacting skin. With just the click of a button, you can identify those with elevated body temperatures and send them home before they set foot in the door. | Learn More About Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometers

Bag Boa® Cutter and Squeegee

Prevent workplace incidents and reduce waste with the Bag Boa®! The helpful tool features a low-profile blade to easily open food bags without the potential danger of using box blades or scissors. With an open channel in the center, it helps empty food bags completely, eliminating waste and making food preparation quicker. | Learn More About Bag Boa Cutter and Squeegee

Klever Kutter™ Carton Opener

Make carton-opening an unbelievably easy task with the help of the Klever Kutter™ carton opener. A patented, dual-sided design features a recessed blade that quickly opens cartons while eliminating the risk of injury. | Learn More About Klever Kutter Carton Opener

D-Shield™ Cut-Resistant Glove

Protect your most important kitchen tools—your hands—with the D-Shield™ cut-resistant glove. The glove is woven with lightweight 10-gauge seamless Dyneema® fiber, which protects your hands from cuts while chopping and dicing. Maintain hand dexterity while practicing your knife skills with a machine-washable, cut-resistant glove. Learn More About D-Shield Cut-Resistant Glove

Mani-Kare® Bandage Dispenser

Cover up minor finger and hand injuries with bandages from the Mani-Kare® bandage dispenser. This mountable dispenser contains dozens of blue or beige bandages that dispense one-at-a-time with a one-handed operation. Blue bandages are metal-detectable and help avoid serving contaminated food as they are easy to spot. | Learn More About Mani-Kare® Bandage Dispenser

Sparta® Hand & Nail Brush With Polyester Bristles

Practice perfect hand hygiene by giving your hands a scrub with the Sparta® hand and nail brush. This brush features an ergonomic plastic shape with dozens of bundled bristles, perfect for scrubbing underneath your fingernails. | Learn More About Sparta® Hand & Nail Brush

Centerpull Towel Dispenser

Replace germ-spreading air dryers with a safe option like the centerpull towel dispenser. This manual dispenser is manually operated with an adjustable funnel and seven different settings. Dispense hundreds of paper towels hands-free in washrooms, healthcare facilities and kitchen washroom areas. | Learn More About Centerpull Towel Dispenser


Rely® Manual Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser

Fill your handwashing area with all the essentials like the Rely manual soap and sanitizer dispenser. This simple dispenser features a manually-operated construction and is designed to dispense either soap or sanitizer. Encourage healthy hands with quality, hygienic products! | Learn More About Rely Manual Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser