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Portioning Cups

Scoop or transferr ice, liquids, or any bulk item.

  • Features flat sides for efficient scooping on the bottom of bins, food pans, or other storage containers
  • Unique U-shaped handle helps keep hands away from food contact while scooping
  • Made of durable, break resistant polycarbonate
  • NSF Listed
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sizes are color coded for quick and easy identification
  • Colors: 49110-1 White(02), 49112-1 Beige(06), 49116-1 Brown(01), 49122-1- Black(03)
9-1/2 oz Portion Cup6ea1.56lb0.17ft³
12 oz Portion Cup6ea1.70lb0.24ft³
16 oz Portion Cup6ea2.27lb0.25ft³
20 oz Portion Cup6ea2.39lb0.28ft³
ProductCaseLengthWidthDepthHeightDiameterWeightCapacityMin TemperatureMax TemperatureTotal Length
49110-16ea1.56lb0.17ft35.00in3.19in2.63in2.63in3.00in0.26lb9.50fl oz-40.00°F212.00°F5.00in
49112-16ea1.70lb0.24ft35.50in3.38in2.95in2.95in3.38in0.31lb12.00fl oz-40.00°F212.00°F5.50in
49116-16ea2.27lb0.25ft36.00in3.50in3.29in3.29in3.50in0.38lb16.00fl oz-40.00°F212.00°F6.00in
49122-16ea2.39lb0.28ft36.25in3.75in3.38in3.38in3.75in0.40lb20.00fl oz-40.00°F212.00°F6.25in
ProductCaseLengthWidthDepthHeightDiameterWeightCapacityMin TemperatureMax TemperatureTotal Length
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