Form Fitted Table Skirting

Shown (above): 5365 DuraLast™ 100% Polyester Rose Damask Weave Form Fitted Table Skirting in Seafoam(076) and 5361 DuraLast™ 100% Polyester Momie Weave Form Fitted Table Skirting and Napkins in Rose(149).

Note: Precise size of table must be submitted to assure proper fit along with template; please specify if table has a radius (rounded corner) greater than 2" or standard square corners.

  • Table skirting is sewn directly onto the tablecloth for a perfect fit.
  • No more clips or pins.
  • Available in Shirred, Box, and Accordion pleats.
  • Color match the skirting to the tablecloth or choose contrasting colors to enhance your decor.
  • Table covers fit easily over any size banquet table, conference table, or round, oval, or square table.
  • Standard 29" (74cm) height.
  • To order, call your Marko representative or call Marko customer service at (800) 654-8210.