Deluxe Tray Delivery Carts

Dinex Deluxe Tray Delivery Carts are available in a variety of configurations —all are Stainless Steel construction and are built to transport hot meals quickly and quietly while delivering maximum value and efficiency to your facility.

  • Dinex Deluxe Tray Delivery Carts are field-adjustable to accommodate the most popular tray sizes: 14˝ x 18˝, 15˝ x 20˝, 12˝ x 19˝, and 12˝ x 20˝. DXTS1T2D series carts can also accommodate 16˝ x 22˝ trays. Specify tray size when ordering.
  • Available accessories include: Menu Holder, Tow Hitch, Floor Drains, and Top Handles (shown).
  • We do not accept returns on any Dinex equipment or Dinex custom products. Please contact your local Dinex rep to ensure order accuracy prior to ordering.