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Market-leading Dispenser Designs

As a Top 10 equipment and supplier company in the U.S., we offer the broadest assortment and selection of dispensers in the market, all designed to exceed customer and end-user satisfaction, and to provide long-term value.

Unique Features

  • Private labeling/branding for dispensers across your entire enterprise.
  • High-capacity, touchless dispensers in compact designs that will fit any space.
  • You choose the amount of type and amount of product dispensed.
  • Manual and hybrid distribution options enhance the user experience.


Featured Products

Why Choose CFS?

  • Distributors, dealers, and OEMs come to us for the brands they trust.
  • We set the industry standard for functionality, cleanliness, and affordability.
  • Smart designs unite beauty with technology.
  • We're a single source provider with an industry-leading service fill rate.

The level of customization expands beyond the look. These dispenser have high levels of customization for the amount of product dispensed; when the product is dispensed and reducing waste (stub roll) can we rethink these benfits to show the full level of customization 

Featured Products

Are you ready to reach the Summit? Choose from our classic white, stainless steel, black, and black/stainless finishes or customize your own. Pick your products, colors, upload your logos, and even preview them in an environment similar to yours.



Universal Dispensing

Some manufacturers and retailers offer “free” dispensers with a requirement to purchase proprietary refill products from them. CFS Brands dispensers use universal paper, so you can purchase your refill brands of choice from multiple sources. That means you can save anywhere from 30-50% on refills.

The Benefits of Universal Dispensing

  • Buy the dispenser and refill product you want without getting locked into a paper contract.
  • Infinity® System provides continuous paper availability and reduce stub roll waste.
  • Innovative dispensers in classic white, black pearly, matte black, artic blue, and custom colors.
  • Smartly designed to dispense soap, lotion, and foam more than 1,500 times to minimize refills. 

Featured Products

Learn more about our Rely Manual Soap Dispenser

Notable Features

  • Automatically portion towels at pre-set increments so every roll dries more hands.
  • Touchless dispensers in compact designs will fit any space.
  • From single roll, to twin, to large roll, our universal tissue dispensers have you covered.
  • High capacity dispensing reduces the hassle of restroom maintenance.

Featured Products

Learn more about our Valor Centerpull Dispenser

We Know Dispensing

Strategies & Solutions for Dispensing

CFS Brands San Jamar and Jofel offer the solutions and products you need to create functional and inviting handwashing and restroom environments that encourage and invite repeat visits. We know what works! With heightened hygiene protocols and cleanliness standards becoming the norm, it is crucial to stay on top of dispensing trends to prioritize safety in your business.


In this series, "We Know Dispensing," CFS Brands will provide tips, products, and solutions to help you maintain a healthy and clean-looking environment. We will share the latest innovations across our dispensing lines to ensure success.

A Holistic Approach

  • Universal dispensers give you the flexibility to buy your refill brands from multiple sources.
  • Infinity® System eliminates stub roll waste and wait time with continuous paper availability.
  • Innovative design toggles from sensor to manual distribution when batteries are low.
  • Easy hand washing experience with your choice of touch, touchless, and hybrid dispensing.
  • Smart design is smaller than standard dispensers yet still dispenses up to 800 feet of 8" roll towel. 

Featured Products

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Quick Tips for Effective Dispensing

  • High traffic environments deserve durable, low-maintenance dispensers with long battery life.
  • Choose from a variety of sleek, upscale designs.
  • Implement fully integrated solutions that work in concert.
  • Optimize large-scale operations with a custom look and private labeling.
  • Use sustainable options to create a more hygienic environment. 

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Come back each week to discover tips, products, and solutions that will help you maintain a healthy and clean-looking environment.

We are CFS Brands...your partner in washing and wiping away grime. CFS Brands has you, your restroom, and your customers covered.