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How did the US come up so short on PPE? - Experts blame the supply chain and our national failure to prepare | Read it

Strategies to Optimize the Supply of PPE and Equipment - When using PPE optimization strategies, training on PPE use must be provided to HCP before they carry out patient care activities | Learn more

Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

FDA approved. Battery-operated, (2 AAA alkaline batteries included) Infrared technology detects body temperature from the forehead with zero contact to skin. An integrated alarm alerts of potential fevers. Green, orange and red lights correspond to normal, elevated or high temperatures. Accurate results in one second. Stores last 10 readings for quick reference. Measures temperatures from 95 ̊ F to 109.2 ̊ F. | Learn more about the Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Contour Reusable Face Masks

Available in a variety of colors, these non-medical masks blend into the new business casual. While non-medical-grade N95, they offer coverage, safety and visibly show you are committed to health. |  Learn more about our contour reusable face mask options

Checkout Shields

Unprecedented times lead to revolutionary ways of protecting your patrons from potential illness. Our easy-to-install Checkout Shield ensures the protection of your employees and customers by separating them from sneezes or coughs during cashier transactions. The durable, professional look of the shield lets customers know that their safety is your top priority. | Learn more about our selection of checkout shields

Germ Guard

A simple physical barrier to help protect the face from debris. The adjustable headband means one size fits most easily. This shield is available with a polypropylene or elastic headband. | Learn more about the Germ Guard

Bib Aprons

Our bib aprons will help you tackle your toughest jobs. Constructed from durable materials made to repel liquid and grease. Adjustable neck straps and heavy-duty braided ties ensure a secure fit. | See our apron solutions

Sneeze Guards

Promote social distancing and reduce contamination of both food and cashiers with a selection of easy to clean sneeze guards. | Learn more about sneeze guards

Sleeves & Gloves

Protect your arms from hot oil, grease and other splashes. Heat rating up to 150°F (66°C) for up to 15 seconds. | Learn more: Sleeves | Temperature Protection Gloves | Chemical Protection Gloves

Mani-Kare® Bandage Dispenser

The Mani-Kare Bandage Dispenser provides sanitary and secure dispensing of bandages. The dispenser features a pilferage resistant cartridge system that loads in the upper compartment. The lower compartment allows for one-handed, one-at-a-time dispensing of ready-to-use bandages to reduce waste. This NSF dispenser mounts to the wall to save space. | Learn more about Mani-Kare

EZ-Kleen Full Body Protection Kit 

Reduce exposure to hot grease, boiling water and exposure to dangerous chemicals and vapors with the Full Body Protection Kit. Quality construction holds up to wear and tear. Features easily cleaned, heavy-duty construction. | Learn more about the EZ-Kleen full body protection kit