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Managing Safe Temperatures

Exceptional food safety starts with staff! Instituting safe practices and following guidelines protects both customers and employees and provides a safe, comfortable dining experience. Explore our products below and utilize them in restaurants, long term care facilities, hospitals and other locations that serve food! | Download This Simple Food Safety Guide for More Information

Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. The TCS Danger Zone is between 41°F-135°F. | Download to Learn More About Time & Temperature Control

THDGTMTS - Touch Screen Thermometer and Timer

Ensure accurate food temperatures in a snap with the touch screen thermometer. Complete with 40” cord and probe, the thermometer will measure internal food temperatures and display them on the LCD. | Learn More About THDGTMTS - Touch Screen Thermometer and Timer

Coldmaster® Food Pans & Lids

Food stays cool in Coldmaster® food pans! Featuring a filling of insulation and gel, these pans and lids work together to maintain cold temperatures under 40°F for up to eight hours. Say no to unsanitary ice baths to make room for quality food pans and lids. | Learn More About Coldmaster® Food Pans & Lids

StorPlus™ High Heat Food Pans

StorPlus™ high heat food pans are rated for high temperatures, which makes them perfect for heating food to safe temperatures. Keep food hot and ready for serving in food bars and steam tables! | Learn More About StorPlus™ High Heat Food Pans

Rapi-Kool® Plus Cold Paddles

Safely cool soups, stews and other hot liquids with Rapi-Kool® plus cold paddles. These plastic paddles are designed to hold ice, helping to effectively cool the paddle exterior which then cools the food from the inside-out. Simply fill them with water and freeze ahead, or fill them with ice and water for immediate use. | Learn More About Rapi-Kool® Plus Cold Paddles

Scoop Alarm Monitoring System

Always remember to return the ice scoop to the ice machine when you use the scoop alarm monitoring system. Conventional ice scoops can easily be forgotten outside of designated storage areas. The monitoring system’s scoop emits a noticeable beep, making it easy to know when the scoop has been displaced from the holder. | Learn More About Scoop Alarm Monitoring System

Saf-T-Ice® Value Pack

Supply your facility with tools to safely serve and transport ice with the Saf-T-Ice® value pack. The pack contains a Saf-T-Ice® scoop with a germ guard and a Saf-T-Ice® tote for carrying ice to machines. Use the set together to decrease ice contamination. | Learn More About Saf-T-Ice Value Pack

Original Saf-T-Ice® Tote

Protect ice from dangerous contamination during transport with Original & Shorty™ Saf-T-Ice® tote. The durable tote is designed for dish machine washing, with a smaller ice load capacity that is lighter and easier to manage when filled. | Learn More About Original Saf-T-Ice® Tote

Saf-T-Ice® Cart

Make transporting large amounts of ice comfortable with the Saf-T-Ice® cart. The cart features a dolly-like design that holds up to two Saf-T-Ice® totes to reduce cross-contamination risk. Choose from a five-gallon or six-gallon tote (sold separately)! | Learn More About Saf-T-Ice® Cart