Strategies & Solutions for Consumer Satisfaction

We Know Consumer Satisfaction in Foodservice

Foodservice customers have become more demanding. With staffing shortages leading to reduced service quality, and increasing costs with supply chain fluctuations, customers are switching to new dining out options. Add to that impatience due to wait times and frustration over limited seating and menu options, and you’ll understand why customer satisfaction is definitely harder to achieve. Diners are now much more aware of safety and sanitation protocols protecting both their food and the restaurant environment. Plus, customers have an array of social media platforms on which to express any dissatisfaction, often taking complaints directly to the public versus restaurant management.


What’s Happening Now in The Market


  • 62% of restaurant workers say that customers are more demanding than ever before. (Lightspeed 2021)
  • 38% of all customer complaints are on social media and review sites. (Food Service Magazine 2020)
  • Repeat customers are proven to spend 67% more than new customers spend. (BIA/Kelsey)
  • Restaurant management receives just 14% of all complaints directly. (Food Service Magazine 2020)
  • 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain to the restaurant management. 91% will leave and never return. (Superfi 2020)
  • Pre-COVID, 85% of customers wouldn’t even consider visiting a restaurant if they read one negative review regarding cleanliness. (Cintas/Harris 2019)


Keeping customers happy now means so much more than just serving delicious food. So how do you create a culinary experience that truly delights, distinguishes, and delivers while competing with increasing options for remote dining? Adopt a holistic approach that impacts both front and back of house areas. Where to start? Keep reading to discover steps for a broad strategy that works for your operation. 

A Holistic Approach

Areas CFS Brands Helps Improve

Enhanced Consumer Dining Experience

Go beyond just providing terrific food, take immediate steps to optimize and elevate the dining experience with the right solution to make any meal feel special. 

Here’s five quick tips to implement now:


Tip #1: QUALITY First

High quality dinnerware and drinkware sets the industry standard for functional beauty and lasting value

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Tip #2: Do the RESEARCH

From selecting the right color to ensuring proper meal temperatures, our research and development teams consistently optimize the customer experience. 

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Tip #3: Set the MOOD

Set the right mood, with drink and dinnerware options ranging from minimalistic to elegant.

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Tip #4: Focus on FABRICS

Most table coverings and fabrics are machine washable and made of fabrics that prevent fading, shrinking, and wrinkling. You may consider switching to fabrics that last longer—we’ve got you covered whatever your choice.

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Tip #5: Make LONG-LASTING a Priority

Use products with durability and economy as a top priority, so you continue to provide a clean, safe and engaging experience for higher levels of consumer satisfaction.

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Ensure Safer Food for Dependable, Healthy and Delicious Meals –

Your customers depend on you for safe meals. Here are five tips to prevent foodborne illness, alleviate negative outcomes with bad publicity, avoid wasted food, and limit additional medical claims, legal fees, and even potential closure. 

Tip #1: Make Safe PREP A Priority

Good food starts with safe preparation. Keep food separate and safe while creating consistent delicious, high-quality meals. That leads to loyal customers.

Learn more about our Saf-T-Grip Cutting Board

Tip #2: Help Food LAST Longer 

Keep food lasting longer and SEE if your food is still cool. With proper storage and handling solutions, consistent, great-tasting meals are easy.

Learn more about our Coldmaster® Coolcheck™

Tip #3: Focus on PORTION CONTROL

Keep serving sizes consistent and accurate, creating portion sizes that customers expect.

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Tip #4: Stay Out of The DANGER ZONE 

Keep food out of the danger zone and safe for consumers with temperature control. 

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Tip #5: SANITIZE in a Snap 

Brushes, scrapers. and other products designed for food and equipment sanitation help keep food safe and equipment clean – and that reduces contamination. 

Learn more about our Sparta® Broiler Master Grill Brush & Scraper 


Why is sustainability important for foodservice?

Sustainability can reduce costs, reduce risks, and promote a positive public perception. Taking a strong stance on sustainability demonstrates your knowledge of proper waste handling and its impact on public health. Committing to sustainability is good business in 2022, and it’s only growing in importance. 

Here are five tips to implement today to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability:

Tip #1: GROW reviews with lasting impressions

A good, consistent experience increases loyal customers, resulting in higher consumer satisfaction for a greater number of return customers.

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Tip #2: Stand the TEST of time 

We recommend rigid QA processes and testing, which makes products better, with higher quality that excels in design, function, and durability.

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Tip #3: SAFETY first – HACCP, USDA & NSF, Oh My! 

As the “inventor” of the ice management category, we know safety, and follow the latest standards and guidelines to provide the cleanest, safest, and most effective products in the industry.

Learn more about our Saf-T-Ice Tote 

Tip #4: Focus on The BEST Products for BETTER Reviews and Growth 

Pick it up on the go to create a clean environment in high traffic areas. Better products lead to positive reviews promoting revenue growth. Ensure your products are well-loved and well-reviewed.

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Tip #5: Provide Abundant VARIETY and CHOICES 

Use a single-source provider to offer a wider assortment of solutions at more competitive pricing.

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Diverse Service and Delivery Solutions

Whether consumed on-premises or off-site, your food needs to be served up tasting and looking great at the required temperature. The right products ensure your food is delivered exactly how it needs to be. We provide innovative products informed by industry standards that are qualified through rigorous testing, so you meet and exceed delivery standards, while providing better long-term value to your customers.

Count on these specific solutions to achieve your service and delivery goals:

Tip #1: Designed for VALUE 

Deliver food faster, safer and cleaner with fully customizable options.

Learn more about our Six Star™ Portable Food Bars

Tip #2: Showcase STYLE and CONVENIENCE 

Help deliver consistent meals on the go.

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Tip #3: Keep HOT Foods HOT and COLD foods COLD 

Use a single-source provider to offer a wider assortment of solutions at more competitive pricing.

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Tip #4: Take CHARGE of Take-Out, To-Go, Pick-Up & Everything In-Between  

Create easy, space-saving areas, bussing, take-out and to-go or kitchen prep areas, plus discover caterer must haves.

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Clean, Safe, and Sanitary Environment

Keeping your customers safe is mandatory and it’s never been more important to maintain the highest cleaning and safety standards. Create a clean, safe, sanitary environment while properly setting a restaurant’s ambiance and mood. 

Here are four solutions to maintain the highest levels of safety and cleanliness:

Tip #1: Lead With INNOVATION  

We started Purple, as the innovator in proper allergen handling. Be a leader with innovative new ideas for food safety, counter service, personal safety, and washroom products that come directly from insights we gain from our customers.

Learn more about our Allergen Saf-T-Zone

Tip #2: Go HANDS-FREE 

Touch as little as possible with hands-free dispensing.

Learn more about our Smart Essence™ Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser

Tip #3: HEALTH Is Wealth   

Research and update your products based on today’s more stringent safety and cleaning techniques, such as antimicrobial features that ward off germs.

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Tip #4: We Know the RULES 

From two ergonomic hand holds to embossed usage labeling, well thought out products help you keep the food inspector at bay. Follow strict guidelines and standards for the highest quality leading to greater satisfaction.

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