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Delivery Solutions

Exceptional food safety starts with staff! Instituting safe practices and following guidelines protects both customers and employees and provides a safe, comfortable dining experience. Explore our products below and utilize them in restaurants, long term care facilities, hospitals and other locations that serve food! | Download This Simple Food Safety Guide for More Information

Keep foods of different temperatures safe and separate during delivery. | Download this Food Delivery Infographic for more information

Cateraide™ Insulated Front Loading Food Pan Carrier

Make food delivery reliable and easy with the Cateraide™ insulated front loading food pan carrier. The durable carrier features a commercial-grade insulated design that keeps food hot or cold up to six hours for peak freshness. Inside are channels that allow versatile pan configuration, making the unit a perfect option for catering and delivery environments.  | Learn More About Cateraide™ Insulated Front Loading Food Pan Carrier

TQ Supreme Carts

Enhance hospitality with the quiet, lightweight, compact and aesthetically customizable, the TQ Supreme meal delivery cart takes the supreme, room service-caliber styling our customers praise, enhancing maneuverability while providing a low total cost of ownership.  | Learn More About TQ Supreme Carts

CaterCooler™ Exclusive

Maintain cold food temperatures with the CaterCooler™. This handy tool can be frozen overnight or for eight hours, which will keep food cold for up to eight hours without ice. Slide it into Cateraide end loaders, double end loaders or on top of food pans in top loaders. Cater and deliver food at safe temperatures! | Learn More About CaterCooler™ Exclusive

Fold ’N Go® Carts

Fold ’N Go carts are versatile, problem-solving accessories that every business should have. These carts feature a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds without the extra bulk of their competitors. They fold up neatly behind doors, between counters and in small spaces. Whether you’re using them for meal delivery, storage or office use, these carts will quickly become your workhorse solution! | Learn More About Fold ’N Go® Carts

Meals On Command™ II

Keep meals at safe cold and hot temperatures with Meals On Command™ II. The innovative, durable units feature a split design with a cool side and a hot side, keeping hot food hot and cold food cold on double-sided MOC II trays. It makes meal delivery easy and safe, promising fresh food upon delivery. | Learn More About Meals On Command™ II

Meals On Command™ Thermal Aire III™ Patient Tray

When used with Meals On Command™ II, the Thermal Aire III™ Patient Tray will keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Each tray features a recessed center which allows it to slide into MOC II units with ease. Arrange cold food on one side and hot food on the other side!  | Learn More About Meals On Command™ Thermal Aire III™ Patient Tray

DuraTherm™ Induction Heating System

A comfortable healthcare visit includes a healthy, hot meal, which means the DuraTherm™ induction charger should be part of your meal delivery plan. The induction charger works to heat induction bases and plates to high temperatures, keeping plated food at safe, warm temperatures until delivery. Combine induction chargers with Fenwick domes to retain heat for delicious, fresh patient meals! | Learn More About DuraTherm™ Induction Heating System

Coldmaster® CoolCheck®

Coldmaster® CoolCheck® food pans keep food at or below ServSaf® guidelines of 40°F for up to 8 hours when frozen overnight! CoolCheck® technology changes exterior color from blue to white to quickly identify unsafe food temperatures. Eliminate ice baths in exchange for sanitary, cooling food pans! | Learn More About Coldmaster® CoolCheck™