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Save money and serve your clients.

Let’s talk about an important part of your storage system – food boxes. Cardboard boxes are unsanitary, unorganized, and inconvenient. To ensure your staff is checking products when they are received, never allow cardboard boxes in your coolers. These storage boxes are durable, stack easily with Carlisle and other food box brands, and seal up to extend the life of food. The reversible lids allow for a sturdy, stackable base and can be used to serve as a tray if needed. They are color-coded for organization and help reduce cross-contamination. They are available in five colors including purple for allergen control. Each color is transparent to ensure you can still see what you have inside.

  • Choose the polycarbonate material for added durability and transparency
  • Choose the polyethylene material as an economical alternative
  • Drain grates are available to prevent vegetables and meats from sitting in juice all day

Carlisle food boxes have date identification and capacity indicators to keep control of your food waste. Get your dollars out of those cardboard boxes and into reliable Carlisle food boxes.

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