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From food quality and safety to allergen control, our kids deserve the very best.

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School cafeterias and related facilities must provide optimal safety for students. From food quality and safety to allergen control, our kids deserve the very best. School environments like locker rooms and bathrooms must also meet acceptable standards for safety and cleanliness.

Cafeterias and related facilities must provide optimal safety for students. Our responsibility doesn’t stop in the lunchroom - school environments like locker rooms and bathrooms also have to meet acceptable standards of safety and cleanliness.

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It’s a team effort, and we want to be part of that team. By following the most-recent USDA regulations and insisting on proper procedures throughout your cafeteria, you can protect your neighborhood’s most precious resource – its children. With industry-leading safety and cost-saving equipment, Carlisle makes your effort easier.

Administrators know meal professionals on the front lines hold the keys to school system reputations. They have the power to put a smile on a hungry child’s face or a grumble in their stomach.

Lunchroom Food Safety

Avoid a School Lunch Food Poisoning Disaster

School-based foodservice brings numerous challenges, with noticeable effects on students. Problems left unchecked can erode relationships of trust between families and school districts. When you consider the opportunities school meals can bring, small investments can create significant movement in the community.

Cross-Contamination & Cross-Contact Concerns

Cross-contamination procedures and equipment protect students from food poisoning, but not from allergens. To care for kids with food allergies, avoid cross-contact (allergen foods coming in contact with other foods). We offer an Allergen Saf-T-Zone System to make it easy. Remember that you can utilize color to identify and separate allergens. This color separation is made easy with StorPlus storage containers. Use durable StorPlus EZ Access Hinged Lids to keep items in food pans separate and avoid both cross-contamination and cross-contact.

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Food Safety & Efficiency Products

You can keep your students safe and healthy by implementing restaurant-quality procedures throughout your facilities. Train your employees to use the proper tools and ensure they understand the reasons behind HACCP guidelines. Simple cross-contamination (bacteria transmission from unclean surfaces or food to clean food) can lead to painful, debilitating, and dangerous food poisoning.

Allergen Saf-T-Zone™ System


  • Purple color alerts staff to follow special food allergy procedures
  • Includes commercial-grade cutting board, tongs, turner, and chef’s knife
  • Durable purple case is easy to find in the kitchen and securely protects tools and board

Mani-Kare® Bandage Dispenser


  • Locked upper compartment to reduce pilferage
  • One-at-a-time dispensing to reduce waste
  • Wall-mounted to save space

Color-Coded Cutting Boards & Accessories

Use color-coded cutting boards in your kitchen to keep all kinds of foods separate.


Upgrade to color-coded Saf-T-Grip cutting boards in your school lunch kitchen to separate foods. Use red for meats, purple for allergens, green for veggies, and yellow for fruits. These cutting boards hang from specially-cut incorporated hooks to dramatically decrease your chances of cross-contamination and cross-contact.

Saf-T-Grip® Cutting Boards


  • Reduce cross-contamination with color-coded cutting boards
  • Durable co-polymer material will not warp
  • Available in Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue, Purple and Brown

Saf-T-Knife® Station Jr.


  • Color-coded lids designed to keep track of which knife is used for what purpose
  • Perfect size for prep lines and smaller kitchens
  • Easy to assemble and clean

Cut-Resistant Glove with Dyneema®


  • 10 gauge Dyneema fiber for superior cut-resistance
  • Ambidextrous, lightweight, and machine washable
  • ANSI Level A7 cut protection

Coldmaster® & CoolCheck®

Remove the inconvenience and mess of ice baths.


Our pans fit in standard-sized food pan tables –  reducing steps of food handling, from storage to cooling to presentation. Maintain cold temperatures under 40°F for up to eight hours. Coldmaster Food Pans are the best solution for keeping food chilled, safe and attractive.


CoolCheck has all of the features of standard Coldmaster pans with the added benefit of color changing technology. When the unit is no longer at a safe temperature, the color change indicates it’s time to exchange the CoolCheck with a fresh one.

OptiClean™ Warewashing

The consistency of your warewashing has a positive effect on your students’ health. Establish an effective system of cleaning and sanitation to reduce the risks associated with unclean wares.


  • Designed for years of heavy use with durable construction, stable stacking and easy-to-grip handles molded in
  • Use as a stationary or mobile storage and drying rack

Dinex® Mobile Heater Cabinet


  • Keep prepared foods hot and out of danger zones
  • Perfect for maintaining consistent temperatures
  • 10-slide cabinet capacity (12 pans or 24 trays)
  • 12-slide cabinet capacity (16 pans or 32 trays)
  • Options: Stainless steel push handles, transport latch, menu card holder, additional slides

StorPlus® EZ Access™ Hinged Lids


EZ Access food pan lids offer convenient, hands-free operation, allowing operators to self serve without having to hold the lid open. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination and retain food freshness.

Pro MZR™ Oven Thermometer


  • Oven safe to verify proper operating temperatures
  • HACCP hot food handling temp reminders
  • Easy-read dial makes temperature recording quick and simple

Pro MZR™ Extra Large Display Timer


  • Large display can be seen across kitchen
  • Flashing LED and loud alarm compete with loud kitchen environments
  • Magnetic back or kickstand display 

Pro MZR™ Mechanical Scale


  • Removable access panel for quick cleaning and maintenance
  • Dual tare feature for accurate portioning
  • NSF approved

Rapi-Kool® Plus Cold Paddles


  • Wide opening allows for on-demand use by filling with ice and water
  • Patented Fill-Rite design eliminates over-filling when pre-freezing
  • Integrated hanging hook for sanitary and secure storage

Ice Handling

Totes, Scoops & Carts


Protect ice from dangerous contact with dirty, contaminated knuckles and thumbs while scooping and moving ice

Light Duty Ice Tote

  • Economical, easy and safe way to transport ice
  • Attaches to ice bin for faster and easier filling
  • Dual-grip design provides secure handling options for improved ergonomics

Saf-T-Scoop® Guardian™ System


  • Germ-guards protect ice from contact with hands
  • Provides safe, dedicated scoop storage
  • Flexible mounting options

Saf-T-Ice® Cart


  • Avoid costly injuries and increase productivity
  • Transport over 50 pounds of ice
  • Folds for convenient and easy storage
  • Holds two Saf-T-Ice Totes

Color-Coded Cleaning


Control critical contamination points and increase cleaning efficiencies with a low cost, workhorse product trusted by the most scrutinizing food service operations.