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Save money and serve your clients.

Our squares and rounds are another important part of protecting your ingredients. They help to keep your kitchen in order, especially when you have limited space. Throwing out spoiled food is costly to your operation and your staff doesn’t have time to go around digging through a bunch of containers. Carlisle squares and rounds make life easier.

Containers can get slippery or heavy and we know you don’t do anything in your kitchen at a slow pace. So, our containers have integrated handles on every single size. They also feature drain holes to ensure water isn’t pooling after a thorough washing. They come in every size you need.

  • Choose the polycarbonate material for added durability
  • Choose the polyethylene material for an economical option

These containers have capacity markers, so you can stay on top of inventory, date marking areas to manage food quality, colored lids and containers for color-coding sizes or ingredients. We also offer purple colors for allergen control. They are easy to stack even with your existing containers. Reinforced stacking lugs prevent jamming and they all fit perfectly on your shelves just like a puzzle. Let us fix your storage needs!

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