Hygiene Consumer Satisfaction

Strategies & Solutions for Consumer Satisfaction

We Know Consumer Satisfaction in Hygiene

COVID-19 raised hygiene awareness to new levels with consumers now keenly aware of foodservice, healthcare, and commercial facilities’ safety and sanitation protocols. Keeping customers and patients satisfied has never been more challenging, while the importance of maintaining the highest degree of safety and sanitation grows. 

Ratings and reviews heavily influence the general public’s overall buying decisions. Add access to social platforms that let customers instantly share their satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and the need for a highly rated presence online escalates fast. It’s imperative to maintain high levels of hygiene to maintain a good company image, build satisfaction, and ultimately, earn loyal business. 


What’s Happening Now in The Market


  • 95% of consumers want to see as much or more cleaning even after the COVID vaccines are widely distributed. (Ecolab 2021)
  • 70% of people say they are now more aware of hygiene and sanitation at businesses. (EY 2020) 
  • Over 60% of consumers report that the pandemic has raised the standard for customer service and satisfaction. (Zendesk CX Trends 2022)
  • 78% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family members. (Bright Ideas Local Consumer Review Survey 2020)
  • 71% of people recommended a product or service online because they received a great experience. (Convince & Convert Consulting)
  • Hospitals that deliver a ‘superior’ patient experience have an average of 550% higher net margins than hospitals with an ‘average’ experience. (Rev Cycle Intelligence)

With cleaning and sanitation now of utmost importance, it’s vital to ensure your cleaning protocols are helping you deliver a truly satisfying customer and patient experience. While labor shortages and price fluctuations make it even more demanding, you can still rise to the challenge by adopting a holistic approach to positively impact consumer and patient satisfaction.

A Holistic Approach

Areas CFS Brands Helps Improve

Boost A Clean Experience

Cleanliness and its consistency play an even more crucial role in overall experience and level of satisfaction. It’s vital to optimize and elevate your clean experience with the right solutions. 

Check out these five solutions to enhance your cleanliness now . . .


Tip #1: QUALITY First

Clean quality drinkware starts with bottle brushes designed for any job.

Learn more about our Sparta® Bottle, Jar & Dish Brushes

Tip #2: Do the RESEARCH

From selecting the right color to ensuring safety zones, our research and development teams are consistently optimizing the patient and consumer experience to be both clean and sanitary. 

Learn more about our Microfiber Mop or other Looped-End Wet Mops 


Eliminate confusion between cleaning and sanitizing solution containers. Various sizes of color-coded pails provide easy and fast surface cleaning.

Learn more about our Kleen-Pail Pro

Tip #4: Focus on FABRICS

Dress up waste containers with machine washable fabrics made to avoid fading, shrinking, and wrinkling.

Learn more about our Contour Waste Container Covers and other In-Stock Coverings

Tip #5: Make LONG-LASTING a Priority

Use products with durability and economy as a top priority so you continue to provide the highest level of hygiene.

Learn more about our Classic Tear-N-Dry Essence™ Roll Towel Dispenser

Safer food from prep to storage for dependable, healthy and delicious meals.

Consumers and patients depend on you for safe meals. Here are five tips to prevent foodborne illness, reduce negative outcome from bad publicity, avoid wasted food, and limit additional medical claims, legal fees, and possible closure.

Tip #1: Make Safe PREP A Priority

Good food starts with safe preparation and consistently clean surfaces.

Learn more about our Hand Scrub "Cutting Board" Brush or other Scrubs & Brushes

Tip #2: Help food LAST Longer

Keep food fresher longer with proper storage and handling solutions.

Learn more about our Coldmaster® Coolcheck™

Tip #3: Focus on DISTRIBUTION

Working with vast amounts of ingredients and ice is easier with the right sized tools.

Learn more about our Sparta® Sanitary Shovel

Tip #4: Stay Cool In The DANGER ZONE

Keep bristles out of the grill and sanitary for patients/consumers with high heat cleaning brushes. 

Learn more about our Utility High Heat Brush

Tip #5: SANITIZE in a Snap

Clean with non-absorbent bristles that resist oils and moisture and reduce contamination with proper food and equipment sanitation. 

Learn more about our Round Scrub Brush


Why is sustainability important for hygiene?

Sustainability can reduce costs, reduce risks, and promote a positive public perception. Committing to sustainability is good business, and its importance is only growing. In the hygiene industry, it’s more essential to ensure cleaning routines and products are good for individuals and the environment. Plus, with the aid of reuseable and disposable products, sustainable hygiene can be achieved.

Here are five tips to implement today, to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability:

Tip #1: GROW reviews with lasting impressions

A consistent, clean experience increases loyalty, resulting in higher consumer and patient satisfaction for higher return business.

Learn more about our Sweep Complete™ Floor Sweep with Squeegee

Tip #2: Stand the TEST of time

We recommend rigid QA process and testing, making products better, with higher quality excelling in design, function, and durability. With a maximum force withstanding 250lbs, replace handles less frequently when fitting brooms, mops or squeegees.

Learn more about our Sparta Color Coded Handles

Tip #3: SAFETY first – HACCP, USDA & NSF, OH MY!

Our handheld scrapers are FDA approved food-safe to reduce cross-contamination, color-coding supports allergy and food safety. Follow the latest standards and guidelines to provide the cleanest, safest, and most effective products in the industry.

Learn more about our Handheld Scrapers

Tip #4: Focus on the BEST products for BETTER reviews and growth

Brush fine, medium, and heavy debris in one sweep. Better built products lead to positive reviews promoting revenue growth. Ensure your products are well-loved and well-reviewed.

Learn more about our Omni Sweep

Tip #5: Provide Abundant VARIETY and CHOICES

Use a single-source provider, to offer a wider assortment of solutions at more competitive pricing.

Learn more about Sparta

Diverse Waste and Disposal Solutions

Innovative sanitation products lead to a broader assortment and selection, and ultimately more value for customers and patients. Our product solutions are measured against industry standards and qualified through rigorous testing protocols. They provide significant operator value that ensures greater customer and end-user satisfaction. 

Count on these specific solutions to achieve your sanitation goals:

Tip #1: Designed for VALUE

In healthcare facilities and restaurants, clean greasy, back of house areas faster and safer. An added bonus are color-coded handle options.

Learn more about our Grease Release Loop-End Mop

Tip #2: Showcase STYLE and CONVENIENCE

Help deliver convenient waste options in smaller compact areas. Add a transportation dolly under standard counters for emptying ease.

Learn more about our TrimLine™ Rectangle Waste Containers

Tip #3: Easy CLEANING and ACCESS

With two-usage positions and a pivoting hang hole this dustpan can discreetly pick up, move, and dispose debris.

Learn more about our Lobby Dust Pan

Tip #4: Take Charge of WASTE

Use a single-source provider, to offer a wider assortment of solutions at more competitive pricing.

Learn more about our Bronco™ color-coded waste containers and lids

Increased Cleaning and Sanitation Measures

It’s never been more important to maintain the highest cleaning and safety standards. Keeping your customers and patients safe is mandatory. A clean and sanitary environment is also critical for operations and setting a professional environment.

Here are four solutions to maintain the highest levels of safety and cleanliness:

Tip #1: Lead with INNOVATION

Use a single-source provider, to offer a wider assortment of solutions at more competitive pricing.

Learn more about our Bronco™ Containers, Lids and Dollies


Touch as little as possible with hands-free dispensing.

Learn more about our Smart System with IQ Sensor™

Tip #3: HEALTH is wealth

Research and update products based on better safety/cleaning techniques, such as antimicrobial features to ward of germs and reduce the spread of bacteria.

Learn more about our Anti-microbial Looped-End Mop

Tip #4: Follow the RULES

From a soild water insert to anti-tip wringer, quality products follow strict guidelines and standards for high quality leading to greater satisfaction.

Learn more about our OmniFit™ Mop Bucket Combo