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The key to running a successful foodservice operation is all in the details. You know the one detail your customers pay the most attention to is cleanliness. Over 75% of consumers have said that they had a bad experience in a restaurant they thought wasn’t clean. Of those, 80% never complained - but they also never went back. Your customers take the cleanliness of your operation seriously, just as you take their health and safety seriously too.

In this day of rapid turnover, constant training issues, and ever increasing concern over food bourn illness you need cleaning policies that are simple to understand, procedures that are easy to teach, and HACCP routines that are easy to implement and monitor.

Carlisle has been a leader in foodservice and food processing sanitation for decades. Our Sparta® brand brushes are the literally the industry standard for cleaning foodservice and food processing operations the world over. With the most specialized tools designed for specific applications, Carlisle has exactly what you need for any cleaning task.

The three most critical cleaning issues that any good defense against preventable food-borne illness concentrates on are:

  • Frequent and thorough hand washing by all employees
  • Keeping food prep and food contact surfaces clean and sanitized
  • Taking simple steps to identify and eliminate cross-contamination hazards

These may sound more like challenges, but we've made choosing the exact tools you need easy too.

Key Brushes

Our Key Brush Program represents the basic selection that every foodservice operation needs. It covers front-of-house floor care and general cleaning, back-of-house equipment and food prep station maintenance, and even personal hygiene and restroom care. One of these basics is our Hand & Nail Brush. It is specifically designed to clean where even people with good habits might miss. One should be at every hand wash station you have.

Kitchen Brush Guide

This quick and easy visual reference helps you pick out all of the specialty brushes you need to keep the equipment you own clean and up to code - and your prep areas sparkling. Don’t see exactly what you want? No problem. Carlisle’s knowledgeable staff can help you and your dealer select the right tool for the job from our thousands of options. We can even help you with brushes designed to your unique specifications.

Sparta® Spectrum® Series

The original Sparta® Spectrum® color-code system takes the guess work out of cross-contamination prevention and helps you identify potential problems at a glance - before they have a chance to become an issue. This full-line of Brushes and Cleaning Tools coordinate with other products like our unique colorcoded Storplus Food Boxes, Spectrum Cutting Boards, and other industry standard coded tools to help you set-up easy to understand and train zone/task isolation practices.

  • Blue – raw seafood
  • Green – raw produce
  • Red – raw meats
  • Yellow – raw poultry
  • Tan – cooked foods
  • White – dairy