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The Carlisle line of Sparta® brushes and cleaning tools is specifically designed for the foodservice industry. When designing a product, special consideration is given to preventing the possible transfer of bacteria to maintain superior foodservice hygiene. Cross-contamination from foods and personal hygiene of foodservice personnel are increasingly important under the HACCP guidelines. We believe that the Sparta line represents your very best choice for efficiency, service and durability in foodservice sanitation, maintenance and food preparation.

Brushes and cleaning tools have to be very specialized in order to meet all of the unique requirements of the foodservice industry. Brushes and cleaning tools are shaped and sized for specialized foods, pipes, fittings and equipment used exclusively in the foodservice environment. Proper bristle selection is also extremely important. Longer bristles offer greater flexibility when compared to the same material in a shorter trim. The key to efficiency is maximum bristle tip contact to surface and the proper type of bristle for the surface to be cleaned or prepped. Proper selection is extremely important for making the cleaning and prepping process as easy and efficient as possible.

When considering brushes, most fall into one of three basic categories:

  1. Circular "tube cleaning" type brushes – Tube cleaning brushes are designed to fit inside of drains, valves, tubes and other types of fittings. Tube cleaning brushes are specified by diameter across bristle area. The diameter of the brush should be exactly the same as the opening of the tube or fitting to be cleaned. If the opening is larger than the brush diameter, the bristle tips will not contact the walls of the surface to be cleaned. A loose fitting brush means that multiple passes will be required or that the surface may not be cleaned properly. A fit that is too tight reduces cleaning efficiency as well as possibly damaging bristles or resulting in a brush becoming stuck in an opening. The length of handles for tube brushes should be long enough to reach the entire length of tube or fitting to be cleaned. Tube brushes are often bent or curved to specific shapes for cleaning the outside of tubes, and fittings.
  1. Flat "scrub" type brushes –  Brushes in this category are for cleaning flat, curved or open surfaces. Many of our scrub brushes have various "trim" angles to help keep bristle tips in contact with surfaces during the cleaning or food prepping process. Sparta brushes are ergonomically designed to provide superior comfort and control. Scrub brushes come in different handle shapes and lengths for a safe and convenient reach to surfaces.
  1. Pastry and basting" brushes –  Pastry and basting brushes are designed with densely packed, fine bristles for greater "loading" of brush with melted butter, vegetable oils, sauces, glazes or other fluids used for food preparation. The greater the mass of bristles and the greater the bristle tip surface area, the greater the amount of fluids that can be spread across food surfaces. Sparta pastry and basting brushes have high bristle count for greater spreading and to eliminate bacteria harboring voids common on most other brands of pastry or basting brushes.

As health department standards continue to increase, brushes and cleaning tools will play an increasingly important role in meeting regulations and reducing maintenance costs. The correct brush or tool designed for the proper job will ensure greater efficiency and reduce health risks in the foodservice environment. Carlisle offers you the most comprehensive line of brushes and tools available to meet your very special requirements. We stock a wide range of products to meet customer demands and can provide custom designed products to serve solutions for even more specific needs. Carlisle is your source for all foodservice cleaning and food preparation products.