Healthcare Patient Satisfaction

Strategies & Solutions for Patient Satisfaction

We Know Consumer Satisfaction in Healthcare

Between supply chain fluctuations, increasing costs, and staffing shortages, it’s more important than ever to manage healthcare foodservice operations all while keeping patients healthy and satisfied. Whereas the industry is forecasted to grow by 9.6 billion in the next five years, satisfaction demands will continue to grow. Patients are also becoming more aware with outpatients more reluctant to pay for foodservice overall, making it paramount to provide them with the highest levels of care and comfort. 


What’s Happening Now in The Market

Food Experience

  • Growing focus on improved patient food experience and a number of healthcare organizations changing to more cost-effective outsourcing of their foodservice operation.
  • 66% say food is important to their overall care experience at a healthcare facility. (Dataessential Healthcare Keynote Report 2020)

Room Service

  • Increased demand for convenience and comfort provided by room services, instead of sending up trays of unordered food and staff throwing it away later.
  • Spending on patient food in health services ranges from approximately $8 - $15 per day, and labor costs can account for 70% of a hospital’s food budget. (HealthCareCans 2017)


  • Availability of customized food options plus an increasing demand for nutritious food among patients. 
  • Technological advancements enhancing healthcare foodservice.
  • According to healthcare consumers, an “ideal” experience requires a personal touch. (Deloitte Insights 2020)

Process & Training

  • Growth in food items in cafeterias and break rooms due to hospital restrictions for outside food items. 
  • Increased focus on food services with growing prominence of value-based healthcare.
  • 71% of patients use online reviews to evaluate and select a new doctor. (Software Advice Survey 2020)

Growth & Awareness

  • Increasing prevalence and awareness of chronic and metabolic diseases along with increased healthcare spending in the U.S. 
  • Growing awareness and consumption of plant-based meat and emergence of cultured meat. 
  • 72% of patients say they’d switch healthcare providers to get their preferred patient experience (PatientPop 2021)

With added attention on patient satisfaction scores, and in an area where everyone considers themselves an expert, improving the patient experience is always a key challenge. Labor shortages and price challenges make it even more challenging. We recommend adopting a holistic approach that aims at improving the quality of health care food services and ultimately raising Press Ganey, HCAHPS or other patient satisfaction survey scores.

A Holistic Approach

Areas CFS Brands Helps Improve

Enhance Your Patient Dining Experience

In this holistic approach to enhancing patient satisfaction, a great place to start is by elevating your dining experience. Go beyond just providing delicious food, take immediate steps to optimize and elevate the overall dining experience with the right solution to make any meal feel special. 

Here’s five quick tips to implement now:


Tip #1: QUALITY First

High quality dinnerware and drinkware sets the industry standard for functional beauty and lasting value

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Tip #2: Do the RESEARCH

From selecting the right color to ensuring proper meal temperatures, our research and development teams are consistently optimizing the patient experience to make them more comfortable and relaxed, which contributes to the healing process. 

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Tip #3: Set the MOOD

Set the right mood with beverage, dining, and paper-ware options to keep everything properly packaged and sanitized.

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Tip #4: Focus on FABRICS

Most table coverings, napkins, and placemats are machine- or hand-washable in fabrics made to avoid fading, shrinking, and wrinkling.

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Tip #5: Make LONG-LASTING a Priority

Use products with durability and economy as their top features so you continue to provide the highest level of consumer and patient satisfaction for years to come.

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Ensure safe food and precise portions for dependable, healthy, and delicious meals.

Patients depend on safe and delicious meals while recovering. Here are five tips to prevent foodborne illness, reduce negative outcome from bad publicity, avoid food waste, and limit additional medical claims and legal fees. 

Tip #1: Make safe PREP a top priority

Safe food starts with safe preparation and transportation, and with multiple lid options to create safely packaged meals.

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Tip #2: Help Food LAST Longer

Keep food fresher longer with proper storage and handling solutions, plus see portions easily with measurement labeling.

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Tip #3: Focus on PORTION CONTROL

Make keeping serving sizes consistent, accurate, and easy with graduated portion lines on Dinex tumblers.

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Tip #4: Stay out of the DANGER ZONE

Keep food out of the danger zone, making it safe for patients with temperature-controlled foodservice products.

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Tip #5: SANITIZE in a Snap

When it comes to disposables, keep food protected from external elements.

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Why is sustainability important for healthcare?

Sustainability can reduce costs, reduce risks, and promote a positive public perception. Taking a strong stance on sustainability demonstrates hospitals' recognition of improperly handling waste and its impact on public health. Committing to sustainability is good business, and it’s only growing in importance. 

Here are five tips to implement today to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability:

Tip #1: Get Down With PG

Maintain food temperature, from the kitchen to the patient. Innovative products increase Press Ganey scores (PG Scores) resulting in higher patient satisfaction for higher reimbursement rates/return customers.

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Tip #2: Stand the TEST of time

We recommend rigid QA process and testing, making products better, with higher quality excelling in design, function, and durability

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Tip #3: SAFETY first – HACCP, USDA & NSF. Oh my!

Follow the latest standards and guidelines to provide the cleanest, safest, and most effective products in the industry.

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Tip #4: Focus on the BEST products for BETTER reviews and growth

Better products lead to positive reviews promoting revenue growth. Ensure your products are well loved and well-reviewed. 

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Tip #5: Provide abundant VARIETY and CHOICES

Use a single-source provider to offer a wider assortment of solutions at more competitive pricing.

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Diverse Service and Delivery Solutions

Food intake improves when preparation and tableware combine to provide appealing meal presentation. That’s why it’s vital to make exceptional patient meals a part of hospital treatment, promoting recovery and rehabilitation. Your food needs to arrive unobtrusively, be served up tasting and looking great, and arrive at just the right temperature to ensure maximum nutrition and full enjoyment.

Count on these specific solutions to achieve your service and delivery goals:

Tip #1: Designed for VALUE

From healthcare to restaurants, deliver food faster, safer, and healthier with fully customizable options to fit your business needs.

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Tip #2: Showcase STYLE and CONVENIENCE

Help deliver consistent meals in temperature and style to patients.

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Tip #3: Keep HOT foods HOT and COLD foods COLD

With advanced heating technology, meals consistently stay hot plus cook-chill technology keeps food cold from the kitchen to delivery.

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Tip #4: Take Charge of the Cafeteria & EVERYTHING-IN-BETWEEN

Create easy, space-saving areas, bussing, take-out and to-go or kitchen prep areas, plus discover caterer “must haves.”

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Increased Cleaning Expectations

Keeping patients safe is mandatory and it’s never been more important to maintain the highest cleaning and sanitation standards. Set a clean, safe, and sanitary environment by properly setting the proper patient dining experience. 

Here are four quick tips to increase cleaning and safety standards:

Tip #1: Lead with INNOVATION

Use innovative high heat disposable options to be a leader in new ideas for food safety, counter service, personal safety, and washroom products that come directly from insights we gain from our customers.

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Touch as little as possible with hands-free dispensing.

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Tip #3: HEALTH is wealth

Research and update products based on better safety/cleaning techniques, keeping customers and patients healthier. With an antimicrobial interior, keep germs away no matter the operation.

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Tip #4: Follow the RULES

With bases tested to be resistant from cracking and breaking under any element, quality products follow strict guidelines and standards for the highest quality leading to higher satisfaction.

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