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Baptist Medical Center

Baptist Medical Center - Jacksonville, FL

Facility Upgrades to STSII

Located in scenic northern Florida, the Baptist Medical Center is one of five facilities that comprise the Baptist Health group, serving northern Florida and southern Georgia. The Prudential Drive hospital in Jacksonville is a 580 bed (average daily census 350), tertiary care facility with high patient turnover due to their wide range of community services.

In November 2006 the foodservice department, headed by Ms. Nancy Holland converted from the SECO Quick-Temp system to the new Dinex Smart-Therm induction base system. At that time the hospital kitchen served 300 meals per meal-time, but soon added a "pod" area to support an additional 125 meals. Two Smart-Therm units supply all the necessary bases for the trayline, while one Smart-Therm supports the pod area.

In 2008, Baptist Medical Center upgraded their Smart-Therm system to the new STSII 811 series. They are gradually swapping bases, but continue to use the original 511 series bases with their new machines with excellent results.

Nancy Holland, Clinical Nutrition Manager
Nancy Holland, Clinical Nutrition Manager
The new Smart-Therm STSII induction base system
The new Smart-Therm STSII induction base system
Pod area with STSII and Air Curtain
Pod area with STSII and Air Curtain

Turnbury & STSII

The trayline system begins with the STSII induction machines, and proceeds on a standard tray conveyor using Dinex Turnbury insulated ware. Both 611 and 811 Smart-Therm bases are currently in service while the hospital is in the upgrade process. The trayline and pod area utilize six Dinex Air Curtain refrigerators and meals are ultimately delivered in Dinex tray delivery carts.

Extended Meal Delivery

All meals at Baptist Hospital are produced in the main kitchen, with delivery throughout the extended campus. While the kitchen does not currently support any satellite facilities, the range of floor-travel is very long via elevator and walkways. The kitchen is also responsible to provide foodservice support for cafeteria, hospital catering and special events.

STSII in the Pod

The new Dinex Smart-Therm STSII induction system is an ideal for extra production capacity during peak production times. Using a small amount of floor-space and minimal equipment, the pod style of service can add additional support to the trayline and also provide a modular station for late trays or any unique single-tray requirements during the day.

Room Service At It's Finest

Today's healthcare systems demand efficient products that allow for prompt meal delivery, fresh and delicious food and an upscale tray setting. Dinex provides all of the elements for your room service operation. From the fast and efficient Smart-Therm STSII Induction system, upscale room menu holders and decorator traycovers, to the broad range of tray carts and support equipment, Dinex provides all of the innovative products and support that you will need.