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Community Regional Medical Center

Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno, CA

Improves food quality at CRMC

Improving food quality and patient satisfaction are challenges for any food service operation. For Pat Martin, Director Corporate Food Services at CRMC, Thermal- Aire by Dinex was the system of choice.

CRMC, formerly Community Medical Center - Fresno, is a 462 bed acute care hospital serving an average of 1000 patient meals per day. CRMC features a new $12M state-of-the-art production kitchen supplying bulk food products to 3 acute care facilities and 1 behavioral health center.

Food production is handled Monday through Friday and meals are plated in one, 8 hour shift on a circular tray line. After tray assembly, the carts are transferred to the central rethermalization room where the Thermal-Aire docking stations are located. Food is rethermalized at the appropriate time and carts are then transported to the floors for meal distribution.

The patient menu is restaurant style featuring a daily chef's choice. The flexibility of the Thermal-Aire system allows for the dietary needs of a diverse patient population to be met. Laotian and Mexican foods feature prominently on the menu. The flexibility of Thermal-Aire allows for foods of different textures and densities to rethermalize properly on the same tray.

CRMC Dietary Staff
CRMC Dietary Staff
Trays assembled using custom circular tray line.
Trays assembled using custom circular tray line.
Carts are transferred from the kitchen to the central rethermalization room where the Thermal-Aire Docking Stations are located.
Carts are transferred from the kitchen to the central rethermalization room where the Thermal-Aire Docking Stations are located.

Why Carlisle/Dinex?

Before converting to Thermal-Aire, CRMC used an insulated tray system that resulted in inconsistent meal temperatures. Thermal-Aire solved that problem and saved labor as well, by making it possible to plate all three meals within a single shift. A team of professionals from Dinex's Retherm Solutions Group (RSG), who together have over 100 years of experience in food service management and rethermalization system implementation, directed the training and installation. Some CRMC management team members had used a previous generation of Thermal-Aire at a Sarasota, Florida hospital. The fact that the facility was #1 in Press Ganey scores for two years following its installation, as well as the enhancements subsequently built into Thermal-Aire, gave them confidence that the system was better equipped to provide the quality patient meals they were expected to serve at CRMC.

System Benefits of Thermal-Aire

Dinex Thermal-Aire System

  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Improved food quality
  • Compact footprint (smallest in industry)
  • Ease of handling / magnetic connection for docking cart to station
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Infrared programming for ultimate monitoring and control
  • Durability of components
  • New flat tray now available!

Carlisle/Dinex Thermal-Aire

Thermal-Aire is the most compact, convected-air meal delivery system available today. Its light, easily maneuvered cart has no "on-board" technology. All retherm functions are integrated within the Thermal-Aire Docking Station, which refrigerates the cart upon connection. The retherm process begins automatically before each meal, and the Smart-Trak wireless HACCP system monitors time and temperature to ensure food safety.

Carlisle/Dinex offers a complete meal delivery system, including Thermal-Aire carts and docking stations, blast chillers, and tray make-up equipment. Our custom tray covers, menus, and napkins will complete your elegant tray-top ensemble.

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