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Lockers and wood bench

Lift student morale and impress parents, inspectors, and visitors by offering industrial quality cleanliness and hygiene items in unexpected student and staff spaces.

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Odor control matters in all areas of your facility. Arriba Twist Passive air fresheners provide green, parent-approved air quality. These include 100% recyclable cartridges and feature energy-generating solar panels that pick up indoor lighting, providing 60 days of clean, fresh air.

Use Rely manual soap and sanitizer dispensers for both soap and hand sanitizer applications throughout your kitchen, cafeteria, locker rooms, bathrooms, and classrooms. These easy-to-mount, rugged dispensers include hand sanitizer labels for easy identification. With Simplicity hands-free towel dispensers, you can help students reduce their exposure to germs and prevent colds from running rampant through your school.

After investing in the right sanitation equipment and getting your staff trained in proper school lunch food safety protocols - you’ll know everything is on par.

Twin 9" JBT Dispenser


  • Offers the highest capacity of any tissue dispenser
  • Slim and compact to fit in any washroom.
  • 9" twin jumbo bath tissue dispenser

Rely® Manual Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser


  • Available in 900 ml and 1300 ml capacities
  • Accepts bulk hand sanitizers, lotion, and foam soap
  • Mounts easily with
  • Dispenses 0.6ml portions adhesive or screws

Simplicity Essence™ Hands-Free Mechanical Roll Towel Dispenser


  • Low pull force for hands free dispensing of more types of roll towel
  • No batteries required for easy operation
  • Dispenses 10" portions of roll towel for 15% more rolls per towel than standard mechanical hands free dispensers

Arriba™ Twist Passive


  • No batteries required
  • Simple and silent operation

Sparta® Floor Brushes & Brooms


  • No hood/shroud to break or gather soils leading to cross-contamination issues
  • Excellent balance to reduce sweeping fatigue
  • Two handle holes; one angled, one upright



The lobby pans pivot and lock into place during use and release for easy carrying or emptying

Kleen-Pail® & Stand


  • Color-coded pails for use with detergent and sanitizer 
  • Durable, robust handle design
  • New embossed feature designed to meet health codes
  • Trilingual design aids in training
  • Stand available for sanitary storage holder to keep pail off the floor or work surface



  • Combines thermometer and sanitizer test strips with easy-to-read Smart Scale guide
  • Thumb wheel easily dispenses test strips
  • Holds replaceable 15 ft. roll of chlorine or quaternary test strips



  • Highly absorbent and durable blended 4-ply yarn makes this the best mop for foodservice use
  • Looped-end construction provides greater floor coverage
  • Wide Band available in 3 colors to prevent cross-contamination

Sparta® General Cleaning


  • Versatile design for a wide variety of applications
  • Multiple trim angles on bristles give you better surface contact for better cleaning
  • 5" pistol grip handle
  • Plastic handles and crimped staple set Polyester bristles are rugged
  • Will not absorb oils or moisture
  • Handles are ergonomically shaped, with smooth edges for superior comfort

Bronco™ Trash Cans


  • Heavy-duty construction with double-reinforced stress ribs; drag skids for durability
  • Comfort Curve handles provide easy handling
  • Helper handles on base for controlled tipping or overhead lifting
  • NSF Std 21 - meets the criteria for Thermoplastic Refuse Containers
  • NSF Std 2 - meets the criteria for food contact and cleanability

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