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Stretch your money with functional cafeteria tools and equipment that performs and lasts.

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Would you believe that 17 million kids get most of their calorie intake at school? Do you wonder what they are consuming? In spite of today's shrinking school budgets, your job hasn’t changed. You want to provide healthy school meal options kids will eat and enjoy. How can you stretch that dollar in smart and delicious ways?

Expand Your Budget by Reducing Kitchen Waste

Proper food handling, paired with the right tools and facilities convert to cost savings. When you reduce food waste, you introduce budget-friendly benefits and new food opportunities:

  1. Reduced labor costs due to more efficient food prep, handling, and storage

  2. Lower food purchasing expenses

  3. Decreased waste removal and labor/transport costs

  4. Compliance with green initiatives

  5. Extended freshness with proper storage

  6. Variety! Salad, burrito, potato, and pasta bars give students what they want limiting waste

Fresh food looks better.

Kitchen workers recognize the value of properly cooked, temperature-appropriate food for reducing food waste and increasing student nutrition. Quality meals include proper stock rotation and inventory control to minimize waste.

Studies show kids will eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables when they are prepared and presented in appealing ways. Some school districts incorporate highly trained chefs into their lunch programs. This attention to taste can attract more paid participants and boost the overall perception of cafeteria meals.

In a recent study, a Harvard University research team found Boston middle school students threw out over $400,000 worth of food products. These students ate less than 85% of the food available to them. Based on this data, scholars estimated our national yearly school lunch food waste at over 1.2 billion dollars.

Students respond to variety, visual appeal, and quality. There’s a temptation to cut corners to keep prices (and free meals) as affordable as possible. But we’ve learned that kids vote by eating homemade lunches, fast food or not eating lunch at all.

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Food Quality & Kitchen Efficiency Products

Cateraide pan carriers transport food wherever your students are in your facilities. Safely handle multiple pans of various sizes and don’t forget about the pans themselves — our food pans are offered in a large variety of sizes for any configuration as well as high- and low-temp materials.

Cateraide™ IT Pan Carriers

  • IT Cateraides are made to provide superior food quality and safety

  • Perfect for keeping warm foods warm and cold food cold, Cateraides feature commercial foam insulation

  • Recessed hinges that stay out of the way and are less likely to catch and break

Cateraide™ PC Pan Carriers


  • No metal parts to lose or break, perfect for schools

  • Ergonomically designed for easy loading, handling, stacking and storing

  • Tough, scratch-resistant polyethylene construction is easy to clean and maintain

  • CaterCooler is perfect for maintaining cold foods for off-site feeding and outdoor events

Pro MZR™ Digital Pen Thermometer


  • Stainless steel step down probe ensures durability and a quicker read time

  • Sheath doubles as extended handle to put distance between hands and hot food

  • Display hold records highest temperature reached for easy reporting

StorPlus™ Pans


  • Reinforced top and bottom corners on both limit chipping and cracking

  • Spoonable bottoms makes removal of contents easier and helps prevent food waste

  • Molded-in capacity indicators are listed in both quarts and liters

StorPlus™ High-Heat Pans


  • High heat pans excel in high temperature applications (-40°F to 375°F)

  • Perfect for all hot applications, microwaves, steam tables and dry heat

StorPlus™ Stainless Steel Pans


  • Double-reinforced corners and impact resistant shoulder hold up to daily use

  • Industry standard size and fit; tapered pan stacks and nests with other leading brands and won’t stick or jam together when stacked

  • Corrosion resistant surface resists scratching and dents from metal utensils

Sheet Pans & Cookware


  • Sturdy pans for baking and transporting foods

  • Aluminum surface allows even browning of foods

  • Pans feature a thick base for superior thermal conductivity

Measure Misers®


  • Control costs and consistency with perfect portioning 

  • Made of break-resistant plastic

  • Each color represents a different size for easy recognition and consistency

  • Flat bottoms for spreading sauces and toppings

StorPlus™ Storage Boxes


  • Use these boxes everyday to organize and inventory kitchen supplies and equipment for increased efficiency 

  • Available in clear & colors

  • Reinforced top and bottom corners on both box and lid, help prevent chipping and cracking

  • Easy-grip handles have structural rib reinforcement to provide extra support for heavy loads

  • All sizes stack for easy, efficient storage; fit standard carts and racks

  • Smooth interior surface makes cleaning easy

Ultigrips® Hot Pads


  • Heat resistance up to 450°F with a secure grip 

  • Flexible and dishwasher safe

  • Available in 5"×5", 7"×7", and 10"×10" sizes

KatchAll® Flatware Retriever


  • Strong magnetic bar attracts flatware as it goes into the trash can

  • Patented design fits on standard trash cans

  • Meets health codes for closed refuse containers and is dishwasher safe



  • Dispenses dating labels in multiple sizes and configurations

  • Accommodates film or foil rolls or slide cutting for one-handed film dispensing

  • Saves money by reducing labeling time and minimizing food waste by aiding in FIFO food rotation

Vinyl Dish Washing Apron


  • Institutional grade vinyl to protect against liquids and chemicals

  • Available in different colors and thicknesses

  • Includes heavy-duty braided ties

Nitrile Gloves


  • 22 mil thickness

  • Protects to 185°F (85°C)

  • Protection against abrasions, punctures, and chemicals



  • Provides a safe and comfortable walking and standing area for employees

  • Engineered for excellent comfort, safety and drainage

  • Available in grease-proof red and grease-resistant black